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Alternative Funding

Understanding the markets, we found there is a gap between SBLC/ BG issuers (providers) and Monetizer since SBLC issuers cannot also be the monetizer and vice versa often, clients after successfully procuring an SBLC from us, shopped around but found it difficult to find a monetizer to trade their instrument, or found monetizer that were only willing to pay a far lower price than market value for the SBLC/ BG.

With our Alternative Funding system, we have eliminated the hassle of customers having to search tirelessly for monetizer after they have successfully procured a Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC).

With us, customers are now able to obtain SBLC from us and also have that same SBLC monetized in 1 smooth process.

We have well-established direct links to traders, monetizer, banks, who are willing to take this SBLC leased by a 3rd party (you the customer) and pay the customer an agreed payout of up to 70% LTV non-recourse. This means that customers no longer have to worry about their monetizer defaulting. The customer obtains the SBLC from us and we transfer it to our monetizer, all this is done under one roof so the customer can rest assured that he/she gets his monetized incomes without the hassle of tedious search of external monetizer

Our Monetizer will fund a customer using our bank instruments which the customer obtained from us. The customer is expected to use these funds for project funding and financing certain development projects. This means that extensive due diligence will be carried out on the customer to ascertain his/her purpose for request of alternative funding via monetization and use of these funds, it is paramount that the customer must have a viable and valid project at hand and must be able to provide detailed execute brief and project summary. Monetizer will hold the SBLC and can trade and make his profits before returning SBLC to the issuer at least 15 days before its expiration. The customer is not personally liable for this.

Our one-stop-shop Alternative Funding structure allows you to:

  • • Procure SBLC from us and have it monetize in one hassle-free process

  • • Raise non-recourse funding to finance your projects, using our SBLC as collateral

  • • Monetize instruments for both capital

  • • Obliterate the risk of procuring an SBLC and then spend valuable time searching for a separate monetizer while SBLC tenure runs actively.

  • • Cost-effectiveness, the customer only procures and pays for the SBLC issuance cost, monetization cost 0 dollars (zero), monetizer make profits by continues trading and leveraging of the SBLC.

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