SBLC Monetizing Simplified

Have you ever questioned why SBLC is being monetized? The answer may appear somewhat modest. Monetizer makes by far more money than what is paid to the instrument owner/ principal and this is done by using the instrument to activate the monetizer leveraged Credit Lines made available to him by his bank. This means a valid, cash-backed instrument can induce availability of trading capital to a securities trader much in access of its Face Value. This empowers the trader to close huge transactions leading to massive profit generation, a part of which is then passed on to the original instrument owner (principal borrower) by way of the non-recourse Loan to Value (LTV). This also means monetizer are essentially securities traders who use the instrument issuers, capital to make a profit.

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Monetizing a bank instrument (BG/SBLC) therefore means raising capital using a bank instrument. To receive cash/capital or raise a credit line with an owned cash-backed financial instrument. The bank instrument must be worded specifically (verbiage) to receive cash funds for realistic projects, Platform Trading, or securing a credit line. Receiving cash/ capital or raising a credit line against a bank instrument issued for other express purposes, could be difficult. Monetizer usually have their preferred verbiage for the BG/SBLC that allows for the ease of monetization.

Our Monetization process allows you to:

  • • Monetize instruments for cash

  • • Monetize instruments for buy/sell platform entry

  • • Monetize instruments for both cash and buy/sell platform entry

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